Microsoft Whiteboard App Released for Preview

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Photo by: Jacob Lund via Shutterstock


Microsoft has just released a preview of its Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10. Now, businesses who do not have the budget for Microsoft's Surface Hub digital whiteboard display can make use of the new app on their personal computers instead.

Like a traditional whiteboard, the app could be used to jot down ideas, illustrate, take notes, and other such tasks. But unlike the physical board, users could convert these jottings and drawings into shareable files.

The Microsoft Whiteboard team states that the app uses intelligent ink to recognize free-form sketches then turn them into standard shapes, making it easy to create tables, diagrams and flowcharts. It also saves the boards automatically, allowing users to continue where they left off. They could also share links to their boards with others to let them build on top of the existing content.

In addition, the app allows users to import photos and add sticky notes to their boards. It has a gesture-based interface that lets users move to different parts of the board, as well as employ other features. They could use their fingers or a stylus to scribble on the virtual whiteboard. The app has a real-time collaboration capability that lets multiple users add to the same canvas from their own PCs.

Microsoft says that the app is being used internally for engineering plans that need input from a number of remote users. In addition, it has been used in a private beta by marketing agencies to collaborate with clients and by startups to brainstorm ideas.

Microsoft Whiteboard can be found as a free download in the Microsoft Store.