Singapore Forum Warns Potential Danger of Using Smart Gadgets


Photo by: Nicolas Lannuzel via Flickr


The influx of gadgets in Singapore could potentially give hackers more ways to spread malware or infections, according to experts who participated in Singapore’s Strait Times Global Outlook Forum 2018.

The panel discussion in Singapore highlighted the cyber challenges emerging in today’s digital world. It gathered several IT experts who agree that a number of Internet of Things devices, smart home appliances, health sensors, and even toys connecting to the internet may serve as a zombie army for hackers to spread infections.

Singapore’s Ministry of Defense’s cyber chief David Koh, for instance, recommends that children in school should be taught basic cyber hygiene, just as the earlier generation in the country was trained how to brush their teeth. Heading the group that was created to properly coordinate the protection of Singapore’s system in banking and energy field, Koh believes that it will help combat the dangers that smart gadgets pose.

ISACA Singapore Chapter, an international professional association focused on IT governance, was represented by President John Lee during the discussion. Lee said that most of the IoT devices nowadays are consumer-driven, but security is not included in them. He adds that government regulation and intervention is not always the solution. It should be the manufacturers' responsibility to make the devices safer because regulations remain as a mere stopgap measure.