Major Airlines to Prohibit Smart Luggage that Lack Detachable Batteries


Photo By Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Alaska Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines announced that they will no longer allow the built-in battery in smart bags as carry-on baggage.

According to the guidelines released by the three major airlines, they will be prohibiting the smart baggage from being carried or checked onto flights, except if batteries from these bags will be removed. This ban will be effective January 15 next year.

“If the bag will fly as a checked bag, the battery must be removed and the battery must be carried in the cabin,” explains the policy of Alaska Airlines. If it would be impossible to remove the battery of smart luggage, then it cannot be carried on the plane. The airline added that the carry-on size requirement must be met.

The new policy to prohibit luggage with built-in batteries was headed by the International Air Transport Association and the American Airlines to lessen fire risk linked to lithium-ion batteries.

Global travel technology company Bluesmart that develops smart luggage said in a statement that they are saddened by the new changes to the airline regulation. “It is a step back not only for travel technology but that it also presents an obstacle to streamlining and improving the way we all travel,” it continues.