More Consumers Opt for Software Updates than Buying a New Mobile Phone

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Photo by: TeroVesalainen via Pixabay


Independent research and analysis firm Jackdaw Research claimed in a study that consumers opt to receive software updates than to buy a new mobile phone after two years of usage.

Focused on the intersection between connectivity, services, software, and devices, Jackdaw said through its chief analyst that consumers are already shifting their behavior.  Instead of purchasing a new phone on a two year-cycle, they would rather choose to add new features to their devices, which is possible through a software update.

Jackdaw’s founder and chief analyst Jan Dawson said: “We all know people still carrying around a 4- or 5-year-old smartphone and see no reason to upgrade.” He adds that it could possibly be bad for smartphone manufacturers to move away from such a two-year cycle.

Mobile industry technology and strategy consulting Chetan Sharma Consulting’s CEO Chetan Sharma explained that it might take a new dynamic product from a smartphone manufacturer, like Apple, to encourage people to buy a new phone. Sharma also shared that even some manufacturers have already considered allowing their consumers to trade their old phones so that buying a new model will feel like a better option.

This also explains why some smartphone carriers say that they allow their customers to pay a phone on a 24 monthly installment basis, said the research.