Chipmaker Nvidia Unveils Gold Titan V, “World’s Most Powerful” PC GPU


Photo by: jejim via Shutterstock


Technology company Nvidia has recently announced the release of Titan V, a PC graphics card that is more focused on scientific simulation processing and artificial intelligence, a prospect that could advance computers at a lighting-speed.

Designing  graphics processing units for gaming, cryptocurrency, and professional markets, Nvidia shared that the new GPU is “the most powerful PC GPU ever created.” It is aimed to incorporate artificial intelligence into its developing designs.

The company announced that Titan V can be used in ordinary PCs and comes with 21 billion individual transistors, a new deep learning tensor core architecture, 12 GB of HMB2 Memory with 3D packaging technology, 640 tensor cores, and 5120 CUDA cores. All of which is what made up the 110 teraflops of the performance of Titan V, said Nvidia.

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said: “With Titan V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world. I can’t wait to see their breakthrough discoveries,” referring Volta as the GPU microarchitecture that they have developed.

Titan V is also aimed towards the computer-oriented market but is also available to the broader public. It now comes in black and gold color.

Huang said that they were able to push their limits and broke the ground by introducing a new processor architecture, processor links, memory architecture, numerical formats, and instructions.