Apple Removes Fake MyEtherWallet after Top Third Ranking as Best Finance App

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Photo by: typographyimages via Pixabay


Apple recently killed well-known but fake cryptocurrency app called MyEtherWallet from its App Store after it has been ranked as the third most popular app under the Finance category.

MyEtherWallet was claimed to be a free service platform where users can store their digital currencies and manage cryptocurrency, which they referred to as the Ethereum. It featured an offline wallet creation, secure wallet key storage, and wallet management. However, while the is a genuine cryptocurrency platform, the application uploaded from the app store was a fake one, said Apple.

From its official Twitter account, the warned users that it had already contacted the technology company about the fake app. This also prompted Apple to remove the app from its App Store. “This is NOT US,” wrote

Apple’s spokesman Tom Neumayr confirmed in an email that the fake app has been removed, but he declined to share how many customers have already purchased the application or if Apple is willing to provide refunds to these customers.

Nam Lee, the listed developer of the fake application, had two other iOS apps - “Mr. Beard. Icehole Fishermans” and “Panda Warrior: Kung Fu Awesomeness.” It appears that Lee does not have an actual connection to the real developers of MyEtherWallet.