Google Unveils Three New Photo App “Appsperiments”

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Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel


Google unveiled a trio photo application as a part of its new program called “appsperiments.”

The three new photography applications are Storyboard for Android, Scrubbies for iOS, and Selfissimo! compatible with both Android and iOS. These three apps were inspired by the Motion Stills, an application developed by Google researchers that creates cinemagraphs out of a compilation of short videos. “Our appsperiments replicate this approach,” wrote Google on its official research blog.

The Storyboard app, which is compatible with Android phones, compiles video clips and pulls out six frames that show a comic-style template. The users can refresh the app to change the frames and layouts. The technology company shared that there are about 1.6 trillion combinations to choose from.

The Scrubbies, on the other hand, works like Selfissimo! that snaps a photo for every pose. To see the beauty of this app, Google encouraged users to move round in different poses because the application will take a photo of the object once it stops moving.

The third app, Scrubbies, allows the users to remix their videos like a DJ, moving back and forth within the video clip to create a video loop.  Google explained that it lets the user manipulate the direction and speed of the video that captures and replays moments.