Google Lets You Sync and Control Smart Home Devices via Voice Command


Photo by: NDB Photos via Flickr


As smart devices are becoming more popular in today’s generation, Google wants to make it more convenient for its users to sync their smart home devices even if they are of different brands.

The technology company announced that through Google Home, a brand of smart speaker, users can use the Google Assistant to first clean up and then sync their smart home gadgets. The company shared, as an example, to say “OK Google, sync my lights” and Google Assistant will automatically refresh the connected smart lights in your home. That way, all the lights in your home can be controlled with the use of Google Home.

If users will use the “sync my devices” voice command, it is a much broader scope as it performs a full refresh of all the devices and smart appliances at home.

Google wrote on its support page: “You can control over 1,000 smart home devices including lights, switches, plugs, thermostats, and more using Google Home.” They have also linked the list of supported smart home devices that function with Google Assistant.

The initiative of voice commands detects and syncs the smart home devices, which are recently added to the application of Google Home on your tablet or smartphone.

Google also recommends users to assign their devices to a room so that they can control these devices more easily. The procedure of adding a room has been published by Google under its Menu settings.