Preorder of Apps in App Store Now Possible

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Photo by: Cristiano Betta via Flickr


American technology company Apple launched a useful feature in its App Store: the opportunity to preorder an app and download it automatically to a device within 24 hours upon release.

The new feature encourages developers to put their applications in the App Store 90 days in advance prior to its release date, and not just to publish it when it is already available for launch. The moment that the app is posted in the App Store, customers will already have the idea if they want to preorder it. Then, it will just be delivered to their phones when it is already ready.

“You can now make your new apps available for preorder on the App Store on all Apple Platforms,” wrote Apple in its News and Updates page.

The new feature introduced by Apple is also available in macOS, tvOS, and iOS. Apple said that developers can choose if they want to offer paid pre-orders or the free option. Customers will just be charged whichever will be lower: the launch price or the preordered price. Apple also assured that users will not be charged until the app is ready for download.

Although not all applications will find the new feature useful, it will be beneficial for game apps. According to American media network, The Verge, game developers can draw the attention of people through the new Apple feature. It will also be beneficial to them because they can stimulate people to purchase the game app ahead so they will also not forget, said the media company.