Twitter Launches New "threads" Feature

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Photo By Hamza Butt via Flickr

Twitter has just announced the launch of a new feature for easy posting of tweetstorms.

A tweetstorm is a series of tweets connected to a thread, a way to go around Twitter's character limit, which was recently increased to 280 characters from the previous 140. This has been in use for some time now by users who have used the social media to share anecdotes or their thoughts on different issues.

In spite of the recent increase in character limit, tweetstorms continue to be popular among users, and with a history of getting ideas for new features from its users, Twitter is now launching a new feature called "threads".

In an article for Tech Crunch, writer Sarah Perez explains that the new feature displays a plus button on the compose screen which allows users to post a series of tweets, with each tweet still retaining a character limit of 280. The same types and number of media can be added to each tweet in a thread.

Tweets in the thread could be edited while still in the draft format. Once the complete thread is ready, the user can tap the "Tweet all" button at the top to post it.

Perez notes that a thread could be added to even after it has been posted. Twitter says that each thread currently has a limit of 25 tweets, but the number may still change.

In addition, the social media company states that threads will display only up three tweets connected by a line in a user's timeline to avoid cluttering. There will be an option to "Show this thread" to display the entire post.

According to Twitter, the new feature will be rolled out to its full user base over the next few weeks.