Intel VR Chief Sees Potential of Virtual Reality


Photo By Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Virtual reality may not be that popular with consumers, but semiconductor manufacturing company Intel continues to believe that it still has great potential. It has recently announced, through the company’s general manager of virtual reality, that Intel is improving VR on different fronts.

Intel’s general manager of virtual reality group Frank Soqui recognized that virtual reality will produce massive data, which requires being processed in the cloud via Intel infrastructure. He said that they are working to improve VR, including making better and more affordable headsets, impressive applications, and new ways to process the data in the cloud so that it will be efficiently delivered to the users.

Soqui shared that a part of Intel’s to-do list is to improve WiGig, a technology that enables high-speed wireless data transfer. It is also working on sensing cameras RealSense so that the gadgets can detect better when set in a virtual environment. 

“We’re going to make good use of VR now, while it’s a discrete accessory,” Soqui said. According to him, the accessory market appears good at the present time and he sees the market to continue to evolve. 

Soqui also said that the market for headsets may separate into segments, such as the standalone headsets, entertainment that is heavy-duty location-based, and PC-based systems.