North Korea Demands Extradition of South Korean Spy Chief


Investigators claim to have uncovered a plot to assassinate supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Prosecutors in North Korea have demanded the extradition of individuals who are accused of plotting the assassination of leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea counts South Korea’s outgoing spy chief, Lee Byung-ho, and unnamed “masterminds” in the American CIA as conspirators, according to North Korea’s state news agency, KCNA.

A week ago, North Korea announced that it had uncovered a plot to assassinate Kim during a major public event, perhaps a military parade. North Korea said the killing would be accomplished with radioactive, biochemical, or poisonous substances.

Prosecutors say the conspirators should be arrested and sent to Pyongyang to stand trial for their part in planning “the hideous state-sponsored crime.”

KCNA quotes North Korea’s central prosecutor’s office as saying, “The CIA can never dodge its responsibility for having played a mastermind role in the crime.”

Last week’s report of the alleged conspiracy said the CIA and the South Korean equivalent, NIS, worked with a North Korean citizen on a plan to “commit bomb terrorism targeting the supreme leadership.” KCNA said the conspiracy was “recently uncovered and smashed.”

The KCNA report included many details about the alleged conspiracy, which it said dated back to 2014 when conspirators recruited a North Korean who was in eastern Russia.

The accusations contribute to diplomatic tensions between the United States and North Korea that were already at a boiling point.