IBM Signs Up Partners to Test Potential of Quantum Computing

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Photo by: Patrick via Flickr


Multinational computer manufacturing company IBM has signed up different companies, government research institutions, and universities to find the uses for their company’s quantum computing as a technology.

IBM said that they are offering simulations of their revolutionary technology, the quantum computers, that will run on the classical machine. They also shared that they will be providing access to their basic quantum system. While it promised that the technology will increase the speed of computing tasks and enable calculations, which can never be done using the classical machine, it will still present physics challenges in improving the quantum effects.

One of the big companies to sign up to a three-year deal of working with IBM is the financial services company, JP Morgan. It’s managing director Bob Stolte said: “The potential for it to be transformative is high.”  He also commented on the potential of quantum computing technology and that they are looking forward to the research project.

Multinational conglomerate company Samsung, automobile company Daimler, and financial services Barclays are some of the companies that have also signed up with the deal.

The move by IBM comes just within the same week as technology company Microsoft also released their set of tools to help developers in creating their own software apps that can run on quantum computers, despite its estimation that the first commercial machine will be available in the next five years.