Updated Mobile Gameplay Streaming App Now Available for iOS and Android

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Photo By  BenFranske via Wikimedia Commons


A new version of mobile gameplay streaming app, Mixer has been launched by Microsoft.

The technology company released the live streaming video app October 14, which they announced to be available in iOS and Android. “With the help of our community, we’ve built the best version of the app to-date,” wrote Mixer in its official blog site.

Mixer, a Seattle-based live streaming video platform owned by Microsoft, announced last fall that they are already in the beta testing stage. They previously said that they will focus on improving the app’s content discovery, personalization and performance features, and the overall user experience. True to its word, Microsoft excitedly announced that the app is now available for download.

The app is packed with a new code that allows faster updates than before. They have also redesigned the application pixel by pixel, ensuring that it will result in a more consistent live streaming experience in different devices. The company also said that their team has focused on improving the new personalization options, discoverability, and interactivity of the app. 

“Streaming is better this way,” wrote the company. They are also encouraging Mixer users to notice the new functionality of the app as they have made it better to cater to streaming experiences, regardless of the user’s location.