Japan Holds First Remote-Controlled Car Test on Public Road


Photo by: 663highland via Wikimedia Commons


Japan commenced its first driverless car test on the public road of Aichi prefecture, according to Japan’s daily, The Mainichi.

As the home of giant automaker Toyota Motor and several other auto companies, Japan has reportedly tested the remote-controlled vehicle around 10 am, Thursday, as authorized by the Japan prefectural government. The report said that the driverless minivan journeyed along the town of Kota. Prior to the test, the vehicle already memorized the course and the traffic signs along the 700-meter route.

The driverless vehicle was built with radar monitoring and onboard cameras for road travel. It also monitors the pedestrians and vehicles in its surrounding. The report highlights that the minivan stopped at a crossing where photographers and reporters are gathered, then it continued to traverse the road under 15kph speed.

The minivan was controlled remotely in Kota, specifically in the area hall within the test course. The test team monitors the footage that was transmitted by the vehicle’s onboard camera. There was also a person in the passenger seat, preparing to stop the car in case there will be an emergency.

Aichi Prefecture’s governor Hideaki Omura said after a successful driverless test ride, “I felt like I was experiencing the technology of the near future.” He also said that even the steering wheel rotated in a smooth way, the report says.