Report Generation for Organ Donations Faster through Big Data

Big Data

Photo by: sasint via Pixabay


Nonprofit United Network for Organ Sharing shows why analytics initiatives and big data are critical in organ donation and saving lives by deploying a technology from software company Talent that specializes in data management and integration. The technology, UNOS shares, provides them a listing of all organ transplantation activity from several transplant centers.

According to the Virginia-based organization, the big data platform that they are using helped them generate the Spark code which will accelerate the process of data integration. Since using the technology, the data processing time has been reduced from 18 hours to three or four hours, an 84 percent time reduction needed to generate the necessary reports.

UNOS’ chief technology officer Alex Tulchinsky said: “ Now, more than 85 people are given a second chance at life each day.” Tulchinsky shared that with the use of analytics and big data, it has become easier for transplant surgeons and other medical professionals to evaluate their decisions as they are more informed about the transplantation.

Tulchinsky also reiterated that the technology allowed them to create a better research environment than before, allowing them to refresh the data weekly. The CTO explains that before, it would require them several weeks before they can get the needed information, but today, they are looking forward how to save more lives.

“This timeframe is critical, as organs have a limited timeframe in which they must be transplanted,” he said. For this reason, technology is a solution to help them make safer and quicker decisions, Tulchinsky continued.