AT&T Planning to Send Data Over Power Lines


Photo Credits to Mike Mozart via Flickr

AT&T recently announced its latest innovation, the AirGig which is a program to send data over power lines. This is the first of its kind in that it can send internet at speeds of more than 1 gigabyte per second. The program is currently on trial however and will improve internet speed all over America especially those not yet reached by broadband and fiber optics. Its the first of its kind so there is no pricing yet.

The Technology will not send data through power lines actually but over power lines, as it will use low-cost plastic antenna attached to power lines to relay data to homes from the web and will just have to be attached to existing infrastructure or power lines.

But with 5G wireless data already entering the market, it's not sure if AT&T is holding on to its plan so its other investments like DirecTV and future video-streaming with DirecTV is dominant. Then there's the planned merger with Time Warner which the State Department is suing to block.

AT&T is also scheming to capture the high-speed internet from cable companies. Companies such as Google Fiber, Facebook with its internet drones, and Space X with its internet satellites. It will be good for the company considers well its options first before venturing into new ones.

With all these plans by big companies like AT&T to invest more on the internet and its infrastructure, some people now also comment on the appropriateness of the governments recent ending of Net Neutrality, saying that it is not true that it limits investment by big business and they may be right as this planned investment by the company happened before Net Neutrality was stopped. And lack of investment fears was the major reason the FCC ended net neutrality.

It is  in the days ahead if more investments will be made by big businesses on internet infrastructure or less but this plan by AT&T will really be good as a whole for the country.