Philippines Uses Technology to Detect Terrorists and Fugitives

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Photo by: FastilyClone via Wikimedia Commons


The Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines has currently put into effect a new technology that detects and possibly stop the entry of terrorists and fugitives to the country.

The technology, which BI referred as the Border Control Information System, is biometric-based. It is used to process passengers that are entering and exiting the international airports in the Philippines.

According to BI commissioner Jaime Morente, they have already tested the system in other airports located in the Philippines. After a series of tests, they decided to use the software at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Morente shared that the biometric-based system has been implemented in NAIA two weeks ago.

“Each time a passenger’s face is captured by [a] camera and his fingers scanned, the results are automatically cross-matched with the passport image and images in the BIO database,” said Morente. He adds that it is in this very system where the derogatory records of persons are being stored.

Morente also said that with the new technology, it will soon be pointless for undesirable aliens to disguise a physical appearance or use unlawful travel documents.

The country’s Bureau of Immigration also reported the BCIS to be pilot-tested in the international airports in Kalibo, Clark, Mactan-Cebu, Laoag, and Davao. They have also run a test in some international ports in the Philippines.