Reddit Upgrades Mobile App with New Content Moderation Tools and Chat Function

Apps and Software

Photo By  Eva Blue via Flickr


American social news aggregation and web content rating site Reddit announced Monday that there are various changes in its Android apps and iOS to provide visitors a more interactive way of exploring their website.

Reddit said that their biggest addition to their mobile software is the chat function, which they claimed to have been testing for a few months before the release. The company said that the new chat function will now be a part of their public beta program and mobile products.

Aside from the chat function, Reddit also claimed to add a theater mode for viewing videos, GIFs, and images from the visual subreddits, such as r/pics. It enables easier live comments, said the company. They also feature a speed reading button, which functions for Android devices.

The social news website also has a new celebratory icon, which notifies the users of the anniversary of the data since the last time that they joined the site. The said cake day icon will be visible not just on a desktop but on the mobile app as well.

Reddit further launches new tools to be used by the community moderators. It includes the “mod mode,” which allows easier approval or removal of content for moderators. It is basically their new mobile version of a mod queue to handle spams and content approvals.