Huawei Will Enter the US Smartphone Market in 2018


Photo By Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

Chinese telecommunications equipment company Huawei reportedly plans to enter the US smartphone market next year, as reported by American radio network, Associated Press.

An executive of Huawei reportedly admits that their smartphone brand will begin selling in the US market through its carriers. This move will potentially increase the company’s presence in the American market, said the report.

Huawei Technologies’ President Richard Yu told the radio network that they will be introducing their flagship Mate 10 as their entry to US smartphone market. However, Yu declined to offer other details about the carrier or carriers to sell their gadget. The Chinese phone maker’s president mentioned, though, that they will announce the details next month during the Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas.

Huawei is known in Europe and Asia, especially because of its networking equipment. For the last year, its sales have also skyrocketed,  said Huawei, highlighting that the majority part belongs to smartphones. Since Samsung and Apple dominate the US market, Huawei hasn’t had a big break in the US yet. “In consumer sales, when people really start using Huawei products, they will change their minds,” Yu said.

Yu shared that they are also currently working on a foldable smartphone that they target to launch next year. They will join other companies also wanting to provide foldable phones to customers.