Volvo Delays Release of Autonomous Car Pilot Program to 2021


Photo By OSX II via Wikimedia Commons

Multinational manufacturing company Volvo had previously promised to introduce a fleet of 100 fully autonomous motors in 2018, but have put a four-year hold for security reasons.

The Sweden-based company claimed that they will still need more time to work on the Level 4 autonomous car pilot program. In its official statement, Volvo wrote: “No technology will ever be introduced if there is any question over its safety.” In Level 4 of autonomous driving, the driverless cars can navigate without the help of a driver and can independently steer and brake on its own.

The car pilot program called Drive Me program has been changed drastically with a new plan, requiring a Level 2 test, where drivers need to pay attention to their environments to take control of the vehicle in certain situations. 

Volvo’s Drive Me program director said that in some areas, they found out more issues that they need to focus on. Some questions which they also first thought were difficult to answer have been answered at a much faster rate.

Now that Volvo announced to take a more measured step, they can slowly scale up while they continue to monitor the Drive Me families. Rothoff adds that autonomous vehicles should be at their safest when on the road.