The Skychain Project to Collect Large Amounts of Medical Data

Big Data

Photo By Kopytin Georgy via Shutterstock

An article written by a guest author in states the problem that bug startups, who want to capitalize on artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. They may face a major hurdle which must first overcome in order to succeed. 

With the creation of blockchain, which is a growing list of records called blocks secured using cryptography and the advance in artificial intelligence, these are now being blended together as the understanding that AI is the future. One of the promising areas for blockchain and artificial intelligence is in the healthcare industry, so there is now more blockchain based startups investing in health care.

However, for any healthcare blockchain to succeed, it needs to have massive amounts of data which is very expensive. Big companies have difficulty affording the big data necessary to train its AI so that small companies can just dream about it. Some blockchain projects like Golem and SONM are aiming at the AI healthcare market but still, the problem is the lack of big data.

The Skychain solution is providing infrastructure for hosting neural networks. These will be trained on massive amounts of data that will be uploaded to by data providers. How is Skychain going to do this?

Skychain will offer incentives to data providers every time they use the neural networks on their datasets. And as data available for neural training grows, Skychain will learn more, and become smarter and more accurate.